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US Home began the purchase of the 814 acres that now comprise the property of Heritage Palms in 1997. Prior to that time it was land dominated by grazing cattle, a vegetable farm and a 38 acre lake. Now, that same acreage is comprised of 1662 residential units, 36 holes of golf, 45 lake ponds and 179 acres of Preserves.

The development of Heritage Palms occurred quickly. Residential units were built and sales of Terraces, Verandas, Villas and Single Family Homes were in their beginning stages by 1998. The first 18 holes of golf were open for play in November 1998; the next 9 holes in February 1999; and the final 9 holes in 2000.

The present Clubhouse opened in October 1999 and The Lodge in 2001. The last residential home was sold by US Home in 2006.
Heritage Palm sales were so successful that in 2003 US Home notified the community that “turnover” to the Master Homeowners Association would most likely occur in 2005. This announcement prompted the leaders of the community to establish a Due Diligence Committee (DDC) to assist in making the transfer from the developer to the community as smooth as possible. Over 150 members of the community volunteered their time to make note of any concerns dealing with buildings, grounds, golf courses, restaurant, finances, employees and management. Those efforts were rewarded by US Home making physical repairs to noted discrepancies in addition to a negotiated monetary settlement to a “loan” liability between the Club and US Home. It was the DDC that laid the groundwork for the smooth turnover transition from the developer on October 1, 2005.
The Club’s BOD oversees all portions of the community not part of Neighborhood Common Areas, Living Units or CDD Property. It includes the golf courses, driving range, putting greens, clubhouses, swimming pools, tennis facility, restrooms, irrigation and all equipment and furnishings used in the operation of the Club. The CDD oversees the approximate 6.5 miles of main roads and sidewalks, the lakes and Preserves that make up the Storm Water Management System which is subject to a Permit issued by the South Florida Water Management District.
In accordance with the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and Bylaws of the Heritage Palms Golf & Country Club, the nine members of first Board of Directors (BOD) of the Club were elected at the April 2006 Annual Meeting of the Owners. In November of 2006 the five Board of Supervisors (BOS) of the Heritage Palms Community Development District (CDD) were elected via a general election held by the Lee County Supervisor of Elections.