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Heritage Palms is an Azinger/Lewis Designed layout that features 36 holes of championship golf, a full service Golf Pro Shop, Driving Range, golf instruction and clinics, and two practice putting greens.  We also offer the Chelsea automated tee time system.  It provides an equitable system allowing all members convenience and accessibility to enjoy playing our golf courses. 

Golf Courses and Golf Practice Areas
General: The golf course Dress Code applies to adults and juniors. Shirts and blouses designed to be tucked in shall be tucked in at all times. Shirts and blouses designed to be worn outside slacks, skirts, or shorts may be so worn. All golf shoes and golf sandals shall have soft spikes. Athletic sneakers are also acceptable as golf shoes. Bare feet are not permitted. Sweaters, jackets, golf jackets, vests and pullovers are appropriate. Blue jeans or shorts are not allowed.

Men: Proper attire includes golf shirts with sleeves which are collared or mock turtle; and slacks, golf shorts or similar walking or Bermuda shorts of appropriate length.

Women: Proper attire includes golf shirts or blouses which may be sleeveless, which are collared or with boat neck, v-neck, mock turtle neck or standard collars; slacks, golf shorts or similar walking or Bermuda shorts of appropriate length, skorts or golf skirts of appropriate length; slacks or capri, crop or skimmer pants.
Except as provided by the Governing Documents or by Rules promulgated by the Heritage Palms Board, the use of the golf courses (including age restrictions) is controlled by the Club’s General Manager and golf staff, and all Owners, transferees, guests and other golfers shall follow the directives of the General Manager and golf staff.

All players, whether using a cart or walking, must register at the golf shop before playing the golf course. Except for shotgun starts and certain circumstances in which golf staff allows play to start off the 10th tee, all play must start on the first tee. No more than four players per group are permitted, unless otherwise allowed by the golf staff.

All paper, bottles, cans and other trash should be placed in your golf bag or cart until you reach a trash receptacle. No coolers are allowed on the golf courses unless supplied by the Club.

Each player must have a set of clubs and golf bag when playing the course.

The only permitted activity on the golf courses is playing golf, and all other activities—including practicing golf, ball hawking, biking, walking or jogging and fishing, are prohibited.

The General Manager may exercise discretion to provide by written notice that certain such activities may take place when a golf course is closed.

Neither the Club or its staff shall have any responsibility for damage to any private property caused by any golfer.

While the Club provides drop area racks for the convenience of golfers, the Club shall have no responsibility for unattended golf clubs or other equipment located at such racks or elsewhere, which responsibility will be with the owner of such clubs or equipment.


No privately owned carts are allowed on the golf courses. Parking of privately owned carts in the parking lot of the main Clubhouse is subject to such restrictions as determined by management to accommodate scarce full-vehicle parking, at which times such parking at the Clubhouse shall be limited to the designated area at the driving range. Operation of golf carts on the golf courses or elsewhere in the Community is limited to licensed drivers.

Carts are restricted to two riders and two bags.

During normal operating conditions, the 90 degree rule is always in effect except as otherwise allowed by golf staff. Carts are to remain on cart paths until reaching a point adjacent to where the ball lies. At that point, carts may be driven across the fairway directly to the ball and should return to the cart path on the same line after the shot has been played. Cart path only restrictions on par 3s, by signage or as posted, shall be obeyed.

Carts are not permitted on the shoulder or surface of any tee, green or bunker. Stakes and roped areas should be honored.

Carts with approved handicapped flags, except as required by the golf staff, are not obligated to follow the 90 degree rule, and may park at the staked area provided for such carts. Those with such flags must follow the related rules.

The person(s) using the cart always assumes responsibility for returning the cart in the same condition and is responsible for any damage or injury that occurs through operation of the vehicle. At day-end, carts shall be returned to the golf shop at times required by golf staff.



Players must be ready to commence play at the time established by their starting time or lose their starting time. In the event of such loss, the players may not commence play until authorized by golf staff.

The rules of the Chelsea tee time reservation system shall be honored, and no person shall use the membership number of another or other means to avoid any fees or the counting of plays in the Chelsea system.



Golf is a game where courtesy and etiquette, as well as care for the golf courses, should always be observed. All golfers shall repair their ball marks on greens, sand their divots in fairways and rake their tracks before leaving a sand bunker.

After finishing a hole, all golfers shall place the flag in the hole, leave the green area immediately and proceed to the next tee, waiting to mark scores at the next tee.

All golfers shall be respectful of private property surrounding the golf course. Under no circumstances shall carts be driven on, or any shot played from, private property.

All golfers shall maintain a pace of play that keeps them up with the group in front of them and abide the Club’s pace of play rules. Rangers and/or golf shop staff consistently monitor the speed of play and are required to enforce the Club’s pace of play rules for the enjoyment of the entire field. All golfers shall be obedient and respectful to the directions of the Club’s rangers, who are authorized to impose the following requirements.
  •     First Warning - The group has fallen behind the group in front of them and has fallen behind the allotted time limit for their position on the course. The ranger will ask the group to catch up with the group in front of them or better their time.
  •     Second Warning - The group has not improved their position. The ranger will approach the group and inform them of their second warning and that the next warning will require them to move to the next tee.
  •     Third Warning - The group has been warned properly and has not improved their position. The ranger will escort the group to the next tee.
As most members are aware, last year we asked our golf rangers to be more active in the Club’s goal of 4 hour and 10 minute rounds. As season approaches, the rangers are again being asked to be more active, and we are asking you to:

Keep up with the group ahead of you. There should never be a group with an open fairway ahead. In such a situation, your group must hasten play.
  1. When approached by beverage carts, wait until you have left the green to be served, moving rapidly to the tee after being served. The concession operators have been asked to adhere to this procedure.
  2. Carts and extra clubs must be left on the cart path side of the green when putting at locations which allow golfers to walk to their carts or clubs in the direction of the next tee box, and not in the direction of on-coming golfers.
  3. Record scores from the preceding hole at the next tee box, rather than on or near the green when a following group is waiting to approach.
  4. Play ready golf (Ready Golf Rules-pdf), on the tee, fairway and green. When the course is crowded, there is no reason for golfers on opposite sides of fairways not to be in position and ready to take their shot. Also, if your cart partner is hitting, be prepared to fill his or her divot. When putting, be ready to put when the golfer preceding you has putted. On the tee, be ready to drive (club in hand--out of your cart) when the preceding golfer has hit.
  5. Do not take undue time to locate a lost ball. No ball hawking.
  6. The rangers have been asked to instruct groups falling behind to pick up the pace and, if the pace is not adequately picked up, to pick up their balls and proceed to the next tee. While this may make some feel pushed, it is necessary so that the entire field is not held up when the pace is delayed by one group.
  7. We have asked the rangers to be respectful and courteous, but firm. We ask the members to adhere to the instructions of the rangers. If a golfer has a complaint about a ranger, the complaint should be communicated, in person or by writing, to the pro shop. Our rules forbid members from disrespecting or being abusive to any Club employees, including rangers. The failure to abide the request of the rangers, as well as disrespectful or abusive language or treatment of the rangers, can give rise to disciplinary action--including suspension of golfing privileges.
  8. You should see a ranger at least two times during your round and feel free to advise the ranger of undue delays. However, if you are in a fast playing group and are on or under a 4 hour 10 minute pace, please remember that the membership is of diverse playing skills and many find it difficult to play at a pace faster than our standard pace of play.


Bob Kelly


Director of Golf


Heather Angell


Director of Instruction


John Osbrink


Head Golf Professional


Eric Hinebaugh


1st Assistant Golf Professional


Andrea McCarraher


Pro Shop Manager