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Heritage Palms Golf & Country Club
10420 Washingtonia Palm Way
Fort Myers, FL 33966

Phone & Fax

Phone: 239-278-9090
Fax: 239-278-0888

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Safety & Gatehouse

24 hours a day, 7 days a week; for medical, fire or police emergencies, call 911; for vehicle accidents when there is damage to another’s property or injuries, call 911. After hours or on the weekends, if non-emergency assistance is needed, call the gatehouse at 239-277-9273 and the officer will direct your inquiry to the proper staff member. Please report any suspicious activity to the Gatehouse or the Fort Myers Police Department (239) 321-7700.

AED Locations
Location of AED’s should be in probable areas where a person may suffer a sudden cardiac arrest, SCA, as well as place the AED in a location that is easily accessible. This often turns out to be reception areas, lobbies, lunch rooms, centrally-located restrooms. Also keep in mind foot traffic patterns and places where people tend to congregate and facilities where high risk activity might occur.

Our AED’s are found: Map of Locations
One AED is located in the hallway of the Lodge.
One AED is located in the Clubhouse near the hostess stand.
One AED is located in the Golf Pro Shop hallway.
One AED is located at the Clubhouse pool near the Cabana.
One AED is located in the Activity Center Lobby.
One AED is located in the Golf Course Maintenance oce entrance.
One AED is located in the Patrol Vehicle.

Permanent Visitors List: Please keep in mind that you may call, fax or e-mail the names of frequent visitors that you want to add to your permanent visitors list. By placing these names on a permanent list, you do not have to call the gatehouse each time one of these visitors enter HPGCC.

Please Note:
  • If not on a permanent visitor’s list, you must call each time you are expecting a guest.
  • If someone comes unannounced, the gatehouse will call you.
  • If your information, address or telephone, is not updated in the computer and we cannot get in touch with you, your guest will not be allowed in to HPGCC.
Stop signs have been placed throughout the community. Please be safe and observe the 25 mph speed limit. For your safety and the safety of others, please refrain from walking or jogging in the community roadways.

Traffic Violations
Traffic violations are applicable to speeding and reckless driving within the Heritage Palms Community. This includes excessive speeding, dangerous driving and other conduct that affects the health and safety of others.

Traffic violations include but are not limited to the following:
   • Speeding in excess of speed limits posted in the community
   • Running a stop sign
   • Ignoring round-about signage
   • Gate entrance and exit violation

Any violations of traffic rules will result in the following disciplinary action
    a. First Violation - Member will be sent a warning letter
    b. Subsequent violations – Each subsequent violation will add 10 days to the   previous gate pass deactivation along with a $200 fine for each subsequent violation.
    c. More than three violations in any (12) month period may result in further enforcement actions by the Board of Directors.
    d. A violation by one member of the Family may result in the suspension of all other family members privileges.

After two years without a violation, the process begins anew. Any subsequent violation within a two year period after a previous one, continues the disciplinary process.

Parking Violations
Any parking in a clearly marked no parking zone or restricted area outlined in the rules and regulations will result in the following:
    a. $65 fine for each violation.
    b. Three of more parking violations will result in larger fines and suspensions as determined by the Board of Directors.

The Ft. Myers Police Department will patrol the streets of Heritage Palms Community on a regular basis and will issue tickets for parking and traffic violations.

In cases where large club activities are being held with limited parking available, security may direct or permit parking in no parking areas at the Clubhouse.
This club has no lightning detection device or alarm system. In the event of inclement weather, golfers should immediately leave the course and seek shelter. Golfers play at their own risk. Lightning strikes may cause serious injury or death.
Please do not feed the alligators, ducks, raccoons or any other wildlife! For all wildlife inquires please contact CDD District Manager Cal Teague at 245-7118 ext. 301, (Cell) 233-4437, or via Email.