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In Pursuit of Good Health

  • All members, transfer members and in house guests are entitled to the use of all exercise facilities.
  • Hours will be determined according to usage and posted accordingly. Your membership card will be needed to enter the Activity Center at all times.
  • Children 14 years old and under are not permitted in the fitness center due to liability concerns. 15-17 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


Krissy Blizzard


Health & Fitness Director

Krissy Blizzard is our Health and Wellness Director. She is on the Health and Fitness Committee. Krissy has been actively involved in the fitness industry for thirty plus years and has had a passion for helping people with their journeys. She is responsible for community activities, such as tours and cruises, and shows at Barbara B Mann. She also coordinates and schedules all fitness classes and teachers, and, manages our personal trainers and massage therapists. Please contact her with any questions regarding our activities and health and wellness within Heritage Palms.

The Activity Center will be accessible from 5 a.m to 10 p.m daily. You are required to use your member swipe card between the hours of 5 a.m and 8 a.m. or 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. daily. The building will be unlocked Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During these times activities will be scheduled that may limit the use of the facility. Please check the Club Calendar posted on the website. All times may be adjusted seasonally or as usage dictates.
Only proper fitness attire such as exercise outfits, sweat suits, shirts, shorts, tank tops, slacks and athletic foot wear shall be worn in the Fitness Center. No swimwear is allowed, and shoes and shirts are required. Proper swimwear is required for all members, their families, and their guests when using the swimming pools and spas. Any individual, regardless of age, who lacks control of bodily functions, must use appropriate leak proof protection to access the pool. Thong swimsuits and cut-offs are not considered appropriate swimwear. Swim attire is confined to the swimming pool areas and is not appropriate in the main room or game room at the Lodge, and is not permitted on the Golf Course or in the Clubhouse or Fitness Center.

Personal Training

A complimentary fitness assessment is included when you take advantage of the affordable 2-3 times weekly sessions. The assessment is to create a baseline program that is appropriate just for you.

Benefits of Personal Training:
  • Help improve strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and coordination to feel your best.
  • Provide proper exercise techniques to prevent injuries.
  • Learn new exercises routines and programs to overcome boredom and plateaus.
  • Improve nutrition and weight management.
  • Guidance in a healthier lifestyle change.
  • Training sessions to fit into your schedule.
  • Trainers will Provide you with an exercise program to meet all of your fitness goals.

Session Fees

30 Minutes
1 Session: $33.00
8 Sessions: 2x Weekly - $202.00
12 sessions: 3x Weekly - $284.00
45 Minutes
1 Session: $48.00
8 Sessions: 2x Weekly - $304.00
12 sessions: 3x Weekly - $425.00
60 minutes
1 Session: $63.00
8 Sessions: 2x Weekly - $403.00
12 sessions: 3x Weekly - $567.00

Personal Training with Corrective Exercise Specialist

If you want to improve your Golf or Tennis game, sign up with a CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) to work upper and lower body coordination movements specific to the sport.

The trainer will strengthen weaknesses of musculature through movement assessments of individual body mechanics and investigate problem areas during movements of the sport to help prevent injuries. Golf and Tennis require training in balance and flexibility to improve range of motion to be able to hit the ball greater distances.

Session Fees

30 Minutes
1 Session: $45.00
4 sessions: $160.00
60 Minutes
1 Session: $60.00
4 Sessions: $220.00

Group Fitness classes take place in the Aerobics Studio in the Activity Center. Aqua Aerobics take place at the Clubhouse pool. Fitness classes are complimentary to members of Heritage Palms Golf and Country Club. If you have guest(s) in town you may purchase guest passes ($5.00 fee per class) from the Fitness Director. It is suggested that anyone attending fitness classes obtain clearance from their personal physician.


Our Director of Fitness can help you set up personal training sessions in our fully equipped fitness center which is located in the Activity Center. The Cardio and Strength Training Room contains ten televisions and forty pieces of equipment including thirteen newly purchased Precor Resolute strength machines, two new weight benches and a full rack of new free weights ranging from 5lbs to 50lbs, seven treadmills, six elliptical machines, four recumbent bikes, a StairMaster, Expresso bike, Aeridyne (airbike), a rowing machine, and a multipurpose machine.